Retaining Walls

For residential and commercial properties, retaining walls add appeal, functionality, protection amount other things to your landscaping. J&J specializing in installing armored retaining walls for customers in Cambridge, Kitchener, Waterloo, Brantford and the surrounding towns and cities. Our company has the heavy equipment and unique technical expertise to handle the installation retaining walls project of any size and complexity.

There are a few types of retaining walls such as anchored retaining walls, cantilevered retaining walls, gravity retaining walls and sheet piling retaining walls. Each type is used for your specific needs and our company can build a sturdy, functional and beautiful retaining wall for your landscaping. Here are a few things retaining walls can add to your property:

  • Increase aesthetic appeal
  • Make for functional use of space
  • Prevent erosion of soil and shifting of your landscape
  • Increase the value of your property
  • Create better structure to your surrounding
  • Reduce maintenance to your landscape
  • Add durability to your land

For bigger and more complexed retaining wall projects that requires demolition of existing structures or excavating, J&J also provide these services. Talking to our retaining wall installation contractors is the best way to find out what are needed to be done or the type of retaining walls, the type of stone and concrete needed and the cost. Contact our company today to discuss your project details and request a free consultation/quote.

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