Spring Maintenance

Spring is a glorious time of year, but—for many people—spring also means allergies because of pollen in the air or various other factors. This can cause yard work and to be more than just a chore. Caring for your commercial or residential property in spring sets the tone for the remainder of the year. Call J&J Property Maintenance to care for all your spring maintenance needs, including lot sweeping, litter pick-up, dethatching, seeding, and garden preparation.

Lot Sweeping
Lot sweeping will extend the life of your parking lot as it removes the salt residue build-up from the winter.

Litter Pick-up
Whether garbage is left on your lot by clients or is carried there by the wind, we can help you maintain a neat and tidy outdoor space with our litter pick-up services.

Maintaining yard health can be a daunting task, but it does not have to be.

Whether your lawn requires seeding or overseeding—J&J Property Maintenance will ensure that your lawn looks the best that it can be.

Garden Preparation
From creating new garden plots to preparing existing beds for planting or landscaping, J&J Property Maintenance is a team you can trust to fulfill your needs.

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